This is typically due to processing time or because the purchaser clicked the back or refresh button during the transaction processing. If it is caused by processing time, the duplicate charges should clear up with in a few days. Online transactions processed through PayPal are delayed 10 to 15 business days before being recorded in Sphere due to PayPal requirements. Please note that the delay may be subject to other unanticipated delays from the cardholder's bank or credit card company and other PayPal requirements/outages.

If both payments show as processed on the donor's monthly statement,
  • Verify that there is not a duplicate charge in Sphere on the supporter's contact record within their Interactions > Activities by searching an individual contact record
  • If there is one transaction charge within the supporter's contact record, have them contact PayPal support to dispute the extra charge and have it dropped by PayPal.
  • If there are two charges for the same transaction on the supporter's contact record, you can delete the extra charge by doing a reversal

Please note: If the charges show as confirmed after a few days, this is most likely because they hit the back button in the middle of a registration/donation or if they hit the submit button more than once.