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This error message appears when Records are improperly merged in the Raiser's Edge, causing duplicate records in the Raiser's Edge and in Luminate Online after being Reactivated.
What we have discovered with this issue is that when records are improperly merged, losing their link to Luminate Online, duplicate records will end up created from more updates from Luminate. Then when the records are reactivated we then have more duplicate records. To correct this issue, use the following steps:

1. Open the Raiser's Edge Luminate Online plugin
2. Select one of the Constituent Updates with a Luminate ID that equals XXXX_Removed
3. Link and/or match the record if needed
4. Uncheck the box for Luminate ID
5. Process the update

This with send a merge into Luminate Online that will properly merge the records and will use the active Luminate ID. Always make sure when you are merging records in the Raiser's Edge that you merge records into the Active Luminate Record.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open the Raiser's Edge Luminate Online plugin
2. Select Constituent Updates
3. Click on one of the available updates
4. Match and Link the record if not auto matched and linked
5. Click Process Now
6. Error message appears


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