Where is the School/Institution Field in my GIFTS Online Request Record?

First and foremost - fields in applications often have a one-to-one relationship with fields in GIFTS Online. For example, if I fill out a field entitled "Favorite Color" with 'red' on an application, that information is parallel to the "Favorite Color" field in GIFTS Online.

When building out an Application form, you may from time to time need to gather details from your applicants about schools for the sake of scholarships or for education-based grant initiatives. In the Forms Manager, when creating a new form, users can add a field named "School/Institution", but this does not seem to have a parallel when looking for the same fields in GIFTS Online.
The answer as to why this is the case is that the default labels of the fields are different in this one case.

To be more clear, the default label for this field in GIFTS Online is School Name, but the default label in IGAM for the same field is School/Institution.

Therefore, when you wish to pull the School/Institution information into a report in GIFTS Online, you must use the School Name field rather than search for the field entitled School/Institution.

We have written up an Idea in our online Community Portal regarding this as well and encourage you to vote on this by signing into Blackbaud Community and clicking the link below:




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