The number of records processed for a nightly WealthPoint Refresh does not match the amount of records in my ResearchPoint database

When looking at the Details of a WealthPoint Data Refresh, the number of records processed for data refresh does not match the number of records eligible for a Wealthpoint screening in my ResearchPoint database. 
Data refresh sends up constituents who have Securities, Nonprofit Affiliations, Foundation Affiliations, Business Ownership, and Biographical Data records from WealthPoint who have not been refreshed since the last update of that respective source. However, we exclude constituents who are set with 'Disable WealthPoint' and also exclude wealth records that have been rejected. The count shown will always be the number of distinct constituent records who meet that criteria.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into your ResearchPoint database
  2. Select The Prospects Tab
  3. Select Wealth and Ratings Data
  4. Select the WealthPoint Screening History Tab
  5. Sort by date in the resolved screenings section
  6. Take a look at the details for the most recent data refresh.
  7. Note the number of records processed for the data refresh

Create a New Constituent Query to see how many records are enabled for a WeatlhPoint Screening. 
  1. In ResearchPoint select Analysis
  2. Select Information Library
  3. Select Ad an Ad Hoc Query
  4. Double click Constituent
  5. In the first column scroll down to the bottom and single click Wealth Information
  6. In the second column double click WealthPoint Enabled = Yes
  7. Select Preview Results and note the difference between the query results and the amount of records processed through data refresh. 

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