Credit card number missing on form

The credit card number is missing under the Payment Method section when the batch is complete. You can see Card Number but the area next to it is blank.  The number should be a partial number of the last 4 of the card. The number is present in the Batch Template but not on the created batch. 
The fix to this is fairly simple, when the upgrade was done from 2.94 to 4.0 the templates all needed to be changed. When changing some fields were possibly left out. 
1. To check for the fix have client go to the batch template they use, choose Edit
2. Go to second tab marked Select Fields and Defaults
3. To the left in that tab is Available field options, click the + symbol by Credit Card details
4. Click Card number then click the blue arrow pointing to the right to insert it into the fields
5. Click Partial card number and click the blue arrow to insert that to the fields
6. Click Save
7. Have the client run a fresh revenue or payment batch to test, number should be seen now

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a Revenue Update Batch
2. Create Batch Template for the RUB
3. In the second tab, Select fields and defaults, choose the drop down for Credit card details
4. Put in all the fields except for card number
5. Save
7. Once run it should show that the number is missing completely 


 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer;Safari
 Blackbaud CRM

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