Auto-save did not save all of the lines of my batch

The enable auto save feature in batch is not functioning. When using the auto-save feature in batch, only the first 100 lines of my batch were auto-saved when my computer died. 
The auto-save feature in batch will auto-save 350 rows. Each time you tab to a new row in the grid, the batch automatically saves. Saving frequently protects your data and offers one less step to think about.

If your batch did not auto-save, we will want to ensure that this feature is enabled, and it should auto-save each time a new line is entered.
  1. Click Revenue > Batch Entry
  2. Click Arrow for Batch > Click Edit Batch
  3. Click Properties button at the top of your batch 
  4. Mark the checkbox for Enable Auto Save 
  5. Click Save for the options screen
  6. Click Save for the batch

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Merchandise > Select Update Inventory
  2. Add Choose the template type of Merchandise Physical Count Batch
  3. Check the box to Enable auto-save > Save 
  4. Enter over 100 lines of data
  5. Let computer die
  6. Restart computer and see that only the first 100 lines autosaved


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