Need to uncheck a box by default in CRM (includes video demo)

There may be a option on a form that is checked by default and you would like the ability to have this not checked by default. 
Using the steps in the following video you will be able to unmark a box as default.

1.  Navigate to the form in question
2.  Turn on Design Mode (must be a Admin user) and right click on the form
3.  Select the forms properties
4.  Click the ellipses next to the DefaultValues option
5.  Click Add
6.  Click the down arrow on the FieldID drop down box
7.  Find the value for the option you want to not mark as default
8.  Change ContextType to Expression
7. Click the ellipses next to Epression
8. Value of Expression should be =0
9. Click OK and Save


 Blackbaud CRM

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