Can users mark Attributes as one per record after the attribute is created?

Users may find that they have created an attribute but they did not mark it as one per record. Currently users have to create a new attribute and copy all the information into the new attribute. If there are not multiple instances of the attribute on a record the user would like the ability to mark the attribute as one per record so they don't have to add and update attributes and change references to the attribute in query.
It is not currently possible to mark attributes as one per record after the attribute has been created. Here is an Idea Bank Suggestion for this functionality:

Steps to Duplicate

1) Navigate to a constituent record 
2) Select an Attribute that was set up without the "allow one per record" not checked. 
3) Notice that users do not have the option to change the attribute to allow one per record. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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