Check the following in order:

From the Dashboard, select the panel properties icon in the upper right corner and click Properties.

If the Actuals are showing with 0s and should have amounts:
  1. For the first Post Date field at the top, confirm the Post Date range is correct or edit the date range for the desired dates
  2. Select the Filters tab to confirm which fields are filtered and to confirm activity is not being filtered out unintentionally
  3. If activity has not yet been posted, ensure the "Not Yet Posted Transactions" filter is set to All instead of None
  4. Confirm the post date range contains activity by running an Income Statement for the same time period (and using the same filters) through Reports > Financial Statements > Income Statement > New
If Budget amounts are showing with 0s:
  1. Note the Post Date range at the top, along with the Budget Scenario ID selected and the Budget type
  2. In Records > Budgets, open the Scenario ID / Fiscal year combination that matches the Dashboard settings
  3. Confirm that amounts are listed for the accounts in question that are currently showing 0s
  4. If amounts are showing, confirm that the budget type selected in the Dashboard properties (Original, adjusted, etc.) is correct based on how the amounts were entered and whether the budget has been finalized.