You can remove the "View All Events" button from displaying at the end of events on a page through the style applied.

As a Page Manager:
  1. Navigate to School Website.
  2. Select Website Management > Websites > Click the three dot icon next to your website and click Edit Website 
  3. To the right of the page you're working on, click the gray wrench icon.
  4. Select Edit Styles.
  5. Select your Events, and in the upper left corner you will see the style being used under Applied Style.
  6. Navigate to Styles.
  7. Locate the style and click Edit.
  8. From the drop down, select Content Types.
  9. Click the Events icon.
  10. On the right under Display, un-check View All Events.
  11. Click Save.
Note: These changes will impact any area using this style. If you want this to apply to a specific page only, you will want to first copy the style, make the changes, and apply the copied style to your content.