Since the Match Threshold was not reached for the Donor Challenge, the donor is not required to make a matching payment. Therefore, the Donor Challenge Claim will not show up on the constituent's record, and will not be found in a search when adding the final payment.

To adjust the challenge so that the claim will match to the donor, follow these steps:
  1. From Fundraising, click on Donor Challenge search
  2. Search for and select the Donor Challenge
  3. Click on the Encumbered Funds tab
  4. Take note of the order number for one of the Encumbered Funds, then Expand the gift (by clicking the button to the left of the gift) and click Remove gift
  5. Click the Challenge Details tab, then Edit
  6. Adjust the Match Threshold to the total amount of gifts received, and click Save
  7. Click the Encumbered Funds tab again
  8. Click Add, then choose Gift
  9. Search for the order number of the gift that was removed from the Encumbered Funds tab earlier in the process, and add that gift back in
  10. Under Tasks, click Update donor challenge
  11. Now, navigate to the constituent record of the donor. Users should see the Donor Challenge Claim now tied to the constituent. When the final Lump Sum payment is added, the constituent should show up under the Donor Challenge Claim search.