Account Management


Fixed a bug that prevented the preferred email on an account from getting set when an email address was created at the same time the account was created.  This happened when the Create New Account screen was called from either Account Overview or Upload Account Reconciliation.

Now, when a new account is created and an email address is entered on the Create New Account screen, the preferred email on all the account's names is set to the email address created with the account.

Account Activity Entry

Fixed a bug on the Account Activity Entry screen that prevented users from setting Acquired Source (aka Prospect Source) to a source that is longer than 12 characters.

Address Entry

Fixed a bug that caused addresses archived via the Address Entry screen to set the audit fields incorrectly: the User_Updating only included the first 10 characters of the user name and the Date_Inserted did not include a time.

Classification Entry

Added an "Exit" option to the alert that displays on the Classification Entry screen when the current account has no matching classifications.

Create New Account

Fixed a bug that prevented the Account Name from being initcapped when the user changed the account type before entering the account name.

Find an Account

Fixed a bug in the Find an Account and Create New Account screens so an "s" after an apostrophe no longer becomes capitalized when the user searches for a corporate name such as "Bob's" and, when a new account is created, the account name is created with a lowercase "s" after the apostrophe.
Fixed a bug with the Find an Account screen that prevented the value in the State field from being used when a search was limited to Acquisition File Records.
The width of the Acquisition ID field was increased to allow more characters to display.

Merge Duplicate Accounts

The title on the Classification mapping List of Values (LOV) was changed from Emails to Classifications.

Merge Processing

Fixed a bug that set the Retained Account's termination code and termination date to the values from the Deleted Account when an inactive account was merged into an active account.  Now, the Retained Account will not be assigned these values when the Deleted Account has a termination code and termination date.
Merge Processing has been modified to end in error when the Deleted Account is being processed by the BBEC Sync at the same time that Merge Processing is running.  Merge Processing now skips this pair and continues to process the rest of the pairs.  The pair that is skipped has its status set to "M" so that it can be included in the next run of Merge Processing.  The log file, the Errors window accessible via the Submitted Requests screen, and the Schedule Administration screen display the error.  The error is included in the Merge Errors Report, but is not included in the Merge Control Report because the status of the merge pair is "M", which is not the status for either a failed merge or a completed merge.

Events Management


Fixed a bug that caused Gift Processing to set the pledge status of pledges entered via Registration Entry to Fulfilled, when in fact, they were not Fulfilled.

Registration Entry

Fixed a bug that prevented the user from viewing the current batch on the Batch Summary screen when coming from the Registration Entry screen.  In this situation, a message displayed indicating that the batch was locked, and the user was forced to change batches.  Upon returning to Registration Entry, the batch number of the registration batch item was changed to the batch that was viewed on Batch Summary, and the user was alerted that the batch item was being changed.  If the user chose to Continue with the change rather than Cancel, the registration item was moved to the new batch and the prior batch remained locked.

The user can now view the batch on Batch Summary and will no longer accidentally update the batch number of the registration batch item when returning to the Registration Entry screen.

Gift Management


Request ID can now be modified on Batch Detail Entry if the new "Allow Changes to Request ID?" operation preference is set to "Y".  In addition, Request ID can also be used as a sole search criterion in Batch Detail Entry, Giving History Summary, Giving History Detail, and Gift and Interaction History.
Team Approach now displays the Alternate Transaction ID value on the Batch Detail Entry screen.  Alternate Transaction ID can also be displayed in the list of transactions on Batch Detail's Transactions to Adjust window if the "Additional Field for Transactions Pop-ups" operation preference is set to "Alt Transaction ID".  In addition, Alternate Transaction ID can be used as a sole search criterion in Batch Detail Entry, Giving History Summary, Giving History Detail, and Gift and Interaction History.

Batch Detail Entry

Fixed a bug in Batch Detail Entry that caused the following alert to be displayed when the user used a List of Values (LOV) to assign a benefit package for which the batch item did qualify, but contained items that required a larger pledge amount:
Gift does not meet benefit requirements. Award anyway?  <Yes> <No>

In this scenario, the benefit package's award criteria are supposed to override the award criteria of the individual package items, allowing the package to be awarded easily. 

Now, the user will no longer get the above message when selecting such a benefit package from the LOV.
Fixed a bug in Batch Detail Entry that caused the following error to appear when the user entered the frequency and number of payments for an installment or sustaining gift pledge and pressed the OK button on the Installment Maintenance window:
GM333: The total of the schedule payments must match the pledge amount.

This error was mistakenly displaying even though the total of the schedule payments DID indeed match the pledge amount.  This error no longer appears in this situation.
Fixed a bug in Batch Detail Entry that cleared out the Name ID and the Ack to Name ID values when the user blanked out the Account ID, but then chose not to remove the Account ID after receiving the following alert:
Remove Account ID and related information?  <Yes> <No>

Now, if the user chooses to set the Account ID to its prior value (by answering No to the above question), the Name ID and Ack to Name ID are also set to their prior values.
Fixed a bug in Batch Detail Entry that prevented the bookable flag from being set properly on a third party (TP) pledge payment to a bookable pledge.  This was preventing the functionality related to the "Set GL String Fields on Bookable Pledge Payments?" preference from setting the GL String fields on the TP pledge payment to the values derived from the bookable pledge's debit account.
Fixed a bug that allowed both a payment and an adjustment to the same pledge to be entered in unposted batches at the same time.  This caused Gift Processing to make unexpected and undesirable updates to the pledge. 

Now, a batch containing such a payment or adjustment will not be able to be released because it contains an error.  When the user views the batch item in error and presses the Show Errors button on Batch Detail Entry, the following error will be displayed: 
GM332: You cannot create this batch item because an unposted item exists in batch <batch number> (seq <sequence number>, page <page number>) that could change the pledge.

The user will need to determine which batch item should be posted first.  The other batch item should be deleted and re-entered once the first item has been posted.
Fixed a bug that caused GM066 (Account entered has open pledges.) to display when the account's only open pledge was a soft credit pledge.
Fixed a bug that caused a split pledge payment/gift transaction to be pulled into the Batch Detail Entry screen for adjustment instead of the related pledge when the user attempted to adjust a pledge with such a payment.
Fixed a bug that caused allocation paid amounts from an existing Sustaining Gift (SG) to be copied onto new SG pledges when a new SG pledge was created by entering a CS (Close old and start new SG) adjustment to a prior SG pledge.  The allocation paid amounts on the new SG pledge are now correctly set to NULL (i.e., blank) in this situation, which is what happens when an SG pledge is created without adjusting a prior SG pledge.
Fixed a bug that caused the following error to be raised on Batch Detail Entry when finding a batch with several custom errors:
E-SY025: FRM-40735: POST-RECORD trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-06502.
Fixed a bug that prevented Recognized Gift Amount from being set to Pledge Amount when a new Sustaining Gift (SG) pledge was created by adjusting an existing SG pledge using the CS (Close old and start new SG) adjustment code and the user updated the installment amount.  Now, when the user adjusts a SG pledge and uses the CS adjustment code to create a new SG pledge, the user is asked if the Recognized Gift Amount should be updated when the pledge amount is changed directly or as a result of changing the installment amount.
Fixed a bug that prevented the pledge amount of a soft credit from being updated when the amount of the related hard credit gift was adjusted.  Now, when a gift is adjusted and the adjustment causes a change to the gift's pledge amount, the pledge amount associated with the gift's soft credit (if one exists) is also adjusted.
Fixed a bug that prevented the user from being able to enter a refund to a Third Party Pledge Payment for a pledge that had a pledge schedule.  When the payment amount was reduced, an error, such as the following, would display and prevent the user from successfully completing entry of the batch item:
E-SY025: FRM-40735: POST-TEXT-ITEM trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-06510.
Fixed a bug that removed charge card details when a charge gift was adjusted to be a pledge payment.

Batch Detail Report

Fixed a bug with the Batch Detail Report that caused the following error to display when the user attempted to view the report and then use the Generate to File option:
REP-1425 'afterpform' Error running DO_SQL package - 'Error parsing the SQL statement. ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object'.
This report can now successfully be generated to a file after it is viewed.

Batch Summary Entry

Fixed a bug in Batch Summary Entry that prevented a batch from displaying if it had more than 999 errors.  The following error displayed in this situation:
E-SY025: FRM-40831: Truncation occurred: value too long for field NUMBER_OF_ERRORS.

Now, batches with more than 999 errors (and up to 9999 errors) can be viewed on the Batch Summary Entry screen.
Fixed a bug that prevented custom errors from being checked when the user changed the fiscal month and/or fiscal year on Batch Summary Entry and then immediately released the batch.

Benefit Auto-Renewal

Fixed a bug in Benefit Auto-Renewal that caused Affiliation (aka Station Support) to be set incorrectly if a pledge was not associated with an address and the "Set Transaction Level Affiliation" preference included ZIP (e.g., Source/Zip).

Now, Benefit Auto-Renewal sets the Affiliation (aka Station Support) value using the ZIP code of the account's preferred address in this situation.

Charge Processing

Fixed a bug in Charge Processing that prevented a charge pledge from being processed if it had once been a check (CK) pledge with a one-time charge pledge payment. 

Now, if a CK pledge that had a one-time charge pledge payment is adjusted to be a charge pledge, Charge Processing will process the pledge the next time the pledge is due to be charged.
Fixed a bug in Charge Processing that set the Retro Bill Flag to "C" when a retro bill was rejected.  This prevented Charge Processing from retrying the payment at a later date. 

Now, the flag is set to "P" when a retro bill is rejected so Charge Processing will be able to try the charge again later.
Modified Charge Processing to capture the exact data transmitted to, and the full response received from, the charge processor.  This will enable TA Support to investigate more effectively should an issue with the charge processor arise.
The amount of time that Charge Processing will wait for a response from the processor has been reduced from 8 hours to 15 minutes.  If a response is not received in 15 minutes, Charge Processing will stop waiting and will write a message to the log file indicating which pledges were unable to be charged or refunded.

Create Adjustment Batch Procedure

Fixed a bug with Create Adjustment Batch that incorrectly included a time portion on the Deposit Date and Entry Date values.  These values no longer include a time portion.

EFT Processing

The EFT Identify Rejections and Corrections procedure was modified so that it does not end in error if more than one rejection code is provided by the processing vendor for any given Secure EFT transaction.  The multiple rejection codes display on the EFT Rejections and Corrections Report. 

The procedure was also modified so it will not fail if the processing vendor provides duplicate rejection data.  If the processing vendor provides duplicate data, the procedure will continue, but end with a warning status to indicate duplicate data was received.

Post Gift Batches Server Form

Fixed a bug in Gift Processing that overwrote the Acknowledgement Code on a soft credit transaction with the value from the related hard credit transaction. 
Now, the soft credit retains its own Acknowledgement Code.
Fixed a bug in Gift Processing that set Date Last Pulled and Bank Approval Status incorrectly and prevented new sustaining gift (SG) pledges from being processed by Charge Processing.  When Account Data Upload (ADU) loaded a new SG pledge to replace a donor's prior SG pledge that had been rejected and changed to a check pledge, the Date Last Pulled and Bank Approval Status were incorrectly set to the values from the donor's prior SG pledge.
Now, Gift Processing sets the Date Last Pulled to NULL (i.e. blank) and Bank Approval Status to "NE" on newly-created SG pledges loaded to existing sustainers via ADU in this situation.
Fixed a bug in Gift Processing, that raised the following error when a benefit being assigned caused a classification to be created and the Name ID associated with the classification was 10 or higher:
Batch <batch number>, item <item number>: add_classification: Account ID: <account> Classification Code: <classification code>, Record sequence: <sequence> A programming error has occurred. An invalid or null entry attempt was made. (ORA-06502) Contact Target Software.

Now, the batch can be posted without error and the classification is created properly.
Fixed a bug that caused the tax value of a pledge to be calculated incorrectly when a benefit was added during entry of a pledge payment. 

Now, when a benefit is added during entry of a pledge payment, the value of the benefit is correctly used to reduce the tax value of the pledge.
Fixed a bug with allocation processing that set the pledge and payment amounts on soft credit allocations to the same amounts as the related hard credit's allocations when the soft credit's pledge and payment amounts were different from the hard credit's pledge and payment amounts. 
Now, the pledge and payment amounts on the soft credit's allocations are based on the ratio of the soft credit to the hard credit.

Marketing and Solicitation

Planned Gift Information Entry

Fixed a bug that allowed the user to change the Received Amount field on the Vehicle Details tab for Trusts when the "Automatically Calculate Received Amount" system preference was set to "Y". 

Now, the Received Amount field cannot be edited when the "Automatically Calculate Received Amount" system preference is set to "Y".

Queries and Output

Query and Output Processing

Fixed a bug with the Pledge Schedule output type that prevented users from outputting the pledge schedule's status field.

Query and Output Schedule

Fixed a bug with the Query and Output Schedule screen that prevented Query Output Parameters records from being deleted when the related Query Output Details record was deleted.

System Management


Fixed a bug that allowed users to create passwords that contained the "@" character.  The "@" character is not allowed in passwords.
Fixed a bug that caused the following error message to appear after a user changed his or her password: "ORA-28002: the password will expire within 7 days" even though the password was changed successfully and was not about to expire as the message indicated. 
This error appeared only when using Team Approach with a database running Oracle version  This message no longer appears after the user changes his or her password.

Team Approach Listener

Fixed a bug that caused Team Approach to stop processing and shut down the processing queues when calculating the run time of any procedure that started before the Daylight Savings Time change and ended shortly after the time change, causing the end time to be earlier than the start time.

Uploads and Downloads

Account Data Upload

Fixed a bug in Account Data Upload (ADU) that inactivated an account when the only active name on the account was inactivated by the upload and a new active name was added to the account by the same upload.  In this case, the account was inactivated if the "Status of Accounts with All Inactive Names" system preference was set to "Inactive".

Now, the account remains active in this situation.
Fixed a bug in Account Data Upload (ADU) that made an archived name the account's primary name when an uploaded name that was not marked as the account's primary name matched to the account's primary name and name archiving was turned on.  In this case, the existing primary name was archived and the uploaded name became be the new active name, but the uploaded name was not marked as the account's primary name. 

Now, the uploaded name is marked as the account's primary name, and the archived name is not flagged as the account's primary name.
Fixed a bug in Account Data Upload (ADU) that set the display sequence of classifications it created to 1 if no display sequence was uploaded and the related classification code did not have a display sequence defined. 

Now, if no display sequence is uploaded and the related classification code does not have a display sequence defined, the display sequence on the classification is left blank.
Fixed a bug with Account Data Upload (ADU) that allowed duplicate pledge numbers to be uploaded for pledge transactions.  If a duplicate pledge number is uploaded, even if the original is also in the process of being uploaded, ADU will raise an error.
The following Account Data Upload (ADU) attributes incorrectly included a choice of "ADA WP Unidentified Records":

Unidentified Address Rule
Unidentified Telephone Rule
Unidentified Email Address Rule

This value is only valid for the Unidentified Name Rule.

The "ADA WP Unidentified Records" value is now only displayed in the List of Values (LOV) for the Unidentified Name Rule.

Acquisitions Upload

Fixed a bug in the Acquisitions Upload that prevented additional information from Street Address Line from being loaded if it appeared after the "street word" (e.g., "street" or "road") unless it was an apartment number.
Now, if an address is uploaded with additional information after the "street word", such as "Department", the data is loaded into the address' Extra Line 1.  Apartment numbers continue to be loaded into the Apartment Number field.

General Ledger Download

Fixed a bug that allowed the General Ledger Interface to be run without a value entered for the Vendor Code parameter. 

Now, the user is required to enter a Vendor Code in order to run the General Ledger Interface.

Source Upload Report

Fixed a bug in the Source Upload Report that caused the report to fail when the Program Date and Program End Date formats were not defined as expected.

Upload Account Reconciliation Screen

Fixed a bug in Account Reconciliation that did not set the account's Email Status (which represents the number of active email addresses associated with the account) properly when an account was created through the Upload Account Reconciliation screen.  Accounts created through this screen were assigned Email Status 0. 

Now, when a new account is created via this screen, the account's Email Status is set correctly.
Fixed a bug in Account Reconciliation that prevented matching gift relationships from being created when an account was matched to an existing account or created as a new account.  If a matching company relationship was uploaded, but account determination was deferred, the relationship was not created. 

Now the matching gift relationship gets created just like it would have if the Account ID had been determined by Account Data Upload.
Fixed a bug that prevented Account Reconciliation from creating tribute and tribute notification records.  When Account Data Upload (ADU) loaded both a tribute and a tribute notification for the same batch item and the matching/creation of those accounts was deferred to reconciliation, the notification record was presented for reconciliation first and failed to reconcile because the tribute account had not yet been reconciled.  This also prevented the tribute account from being created properly. 

Now, when both tribute and tribute notification records need to be reconciled after ADU, the tribute account is presented for reconciliation before the tribute notification account.  This allows both the tribute account and the tribute notification account to be created properly.