How to add a planned gift as revenue that you can apply a payment toward

When you add a planned gift to a constituent record you may find that you are unable to add the planned gift as revenue, and therefore you are unable to apply a payment toward the planned gift doing a commitment search.
There are particular vehicle types and values required for each planned gift.
Vehicle typeValues Required
Charitable gift annuityPayout amount

Charitable remainder unitrust
Remainder value

Charitable remainder annuity trust
Remainder value

Charitable lead trust
Payout amount
Charitable lead annuity trustPayout amount
Pooled income fundPayout amount
Life insuranceGift amount and Life insurance premium amount
Retained life estateGift amount

Bargain sale
Gift amount
Outright giftGift amount
BequestGift amount
Retirement plan assetsGift amount
Testamentary charitable trustGift amount
Living TrustGift amount
Gift amount
Once the above values are added to a planned gift you will then have a task bar option to add the planned gift as revenue and then will be able to search for the planned gift in a standard commitment search via batch or the add payment on off form.



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