1. Open the ResearchPoint record you wish to add a primary business for
  2. Select Biographical Information > Relationships
  3. Click the drop down next to add and choose Organization
  4. Type the name of the Business or Company in the 'Related Organization Field'
  5. Select the Magnifying Glass, if the organization exists it will automatically populate and you need to just set the relationships and check 'This is the primary business for'
  6. If the business record is new, a search box will populate and you can click add in the bottom right hand corner to create a new organization record. 
  7. Enter in the organization name and address
  8. Check the box for 'This is a Primary Organization'
  9. Follow the instructions in step 5 and set the relation ship and check the primary organization check box for the constituent
  10. Save
The Organization will now be listed as the primary business.