Error: Internal server error - when uploading attachments to an invoice request

When uploading an attachment over 4 MB to an invoice request, the error will appear Error: Internal server error.
The file size is too large. Try uploading a smaller file or multiple files.

If your database is not hosted by Blackbaud:
change the file size limit for attachments in WebInvoicing

If your database is hosted by Blackbaud, the file size limit is 4 MB for WebPortal attachments.  Please break attachments larger than this into smaller files.

Steps to Duplicate

1. After logging into WebPortal, select the WebInvoicing tab
2. Under 'Activites', click 'Create New Invoice Request'
3. After the 'New Invoice Request' opens, select the 'Add Attachments' button
4. Select 'Choose File' and browse out to file location.
5. Once the file is found, select 'Upload'
6. Error: Internal server error appears

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