Note: Post parameter filters are independent of one another, so if one record type is setup with a query, but others are left to All, the query will only affect that particular record. To setup a post parameter completely dedicated to records that one user has entered, it would be necessary to either create a query filter for each post-able record type, or change the other record types to have a filter of "none" in order to exclude those from posting at the same time.

1.In the desired module (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, etc.) > Administration > Post > open the saved parameter or create a new one from the top
2. Select the filters tab
3. Select the filter for the first post-able record type
4. Change the filter option from All to Selected
5. Move the radio button at the top to Query
6. Click the binoculars to the right to open the Query window
7. Select a query (if already existing) or add a new query at the top.
*If the query exists, proceed to step 8. If the query does not exist, proceed through how to create the query below

Create a new query based on the record type you want to filter
  1. On the Criteria tab, expand [Record Type] Properties and select the appropriate criteria: e.g. Added by or Created By
  2. Select an Operator of Equals and select the specific Username
  3. Save the Query
  4. Close the query
  5. The query should now appear to be selected in the post filter window
8. Click ok to select the query
9. Repeat for any other desired post-able records
10. Save the post parameter