On a single relationship record:
  1. In The Raiser's Edge, open the constituent's record.
  2. Select the Relationship tab.
  3. Open the organization or individual relationship.
  4. Select the Attributes/Notes tab.
  5. Click in the Notes field.
  6. Select all the text. (This can be done pressing Ctrl and A. It can also be done via right-clicking and selecting Select All.)
  7. Press Delete.
  8. Click Save and close on the relationship record.
On multiple records using global change:
  1. Create a relationship query of the relationships with notes to delete with the following criteria:
    • Individuals > Notes not blank
    • OR Organizations > Notes not blank
    • Optionally, add any other desired criteria
  2. Save the query, and close it.
  3. Go to Admin > Globally Change Records