Finder numbers cannot be entered onto a membership payment after the fact. When editing a back office payment, users can enter both the Appeal and the Effort on the Marketing tab, but not a finder number.

If users would like to ensure that the finder number is entered, they will need to re-enter the payment and the membership. 
  1. If the payment is a sales order, it will need to be refunded. If the payment is a back office payment, we can delete it. Keep in mind that if the payment was via credit card, it will be refunded. If you do not want to refund the card, refund to an "other" payment method, and then re-enter the membership dues using that same "other" payment method. If we choose to go this route, it may be helpful to make a note of the payment information for financial reference (last 4 digits of the card number, authorization code).
  2. Once the payment is refunded/deleted, we will need to delete the membership transaction on the membership record. From the constituent record, click on Memberships, then the name of the membership.
  3. Scroll down to Recent membership transactions
  4. Expand the membership transaction that correlates with the payment that was just refunded, and click Delete
  5. Now, re-enter the Membership dues, ensuring that the finder number is entered on the dues form. If an "other" payment method was used to refund the initial payment, that same "other" payment method should be used when adding the new Membership. It may be helpful to enter some payment information (last 4 digits of the card number, authorization code) of the original transaction in the Reference field.