Unable to type in Patron field after changing constituent on order in Advanced Sales

In Advance Sales, a user may be unable to type any text in the patron field after changing from one constituent to another, even after the order is cancelled.
If this occurs, chat with support with the following information so that Support can work with product engineers to resolve the issue:   
  • The exact steps to duplicate the issue (click by click).

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Sales > Advance Sales
  2. In the Patron field, select a constituent (either by typing or searching). Patron should be assigned to order
  3. Click the magnifying glass to search for a different constituent
  4. Select another record. New patron should be assigned to order
  5. Cancel the order
  6. Attempt to type in the Patron field to search for another constituent. Note that no text can be entered in the field
  7. Navigate to another page and back again
  8. You are now able to type into the field


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