A maximum of 61 fields can be specified for a mail merge in The Raiser's Edge from Export or within Mail. A field is a selection, like first name, last name, address line 1, etc.

The field number total can increase quickly when multiples of fields are specified. If you are prompted for a number to export, then the field times the number entered will be the number of fields. For example if Constituent Code is selected, a prompt appears asking how many to export and 3 is entered. That counts as 3 fields towards the 61 field maximum.

To reduce the field total to 61 or less:
  • Remove any unneeded selected fields
  • Review any fields with a Number to Export option. Make that number as low as possible.
  • In Mail, review any numbers selected on the Fields to Include tab (above the selected fields), such as gifts or tributes.

If it's not possible to complete the merge with 61 or fewer fields, consider then: