If you're using the Prospects module in Altru, you can use your My Fundraiser Page to see upcoming interactions. 
  1. Go to Prospects
  2. Click My Fundraiser Page 
  3. Under Pending Activity, click Filters. Check the box to "Include General Interactions" to also see any interactions you have that are not tied to a prospect plan. If you'd like to only see your pending steps, check the box to "Only show steps owned by this fundraiser." Here is an example of how this might look: Pending interactions
You can also build a query to see any upcoming interactions that you or another user owns:
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Add a new Ad-hoc Query 
  3. Select the Source View of Constituents and click OK
  4. In the left column, expand the Interactions node. Highlight Owner
  5. In the middle column, drag Constituent record to Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to/one of the person you'd like to pull interactions upcoming for. 
  6. If you'd like to filter on interactions with a certain status or for a certain date, highlight Interactions in the left hand column (where we previously expanded it in Step 4). In the middle column, drag "Status" and/or "Expected Date" to Include Records where. Set these filters to be equal to the statuses/date ranges you are looking for. 
  7. Add any desired information to Results Fields to Display. For example: 
    1. Interactions\Expected Date
    2. Interactions\Status
    3. Interactions\Category
    4. Interactions\Subcategory
    5. Interactions\Summary
    6. Interactions\Owner\Name
  8. Here is how a final product might look: Query for Upcoming Interactions