BBIS Appeal Search is not giving results for all appeals

The BBIS appeal search is not giving results for all appeals. The appeal categories are only showing as blank and other.
The appeals in the list are random and does not show all of the appeals that are active.
1. Access Web functional area in CRM and click "Manage Web Transactions"
2. In the left-hand side configuration tasks, click "Update ID Mapping"
3. In BBIS, access Administration > code Tables
4. Click "Refresh Code tables" 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Select Email
2. Select Messages
3. Select the New Message tab
4. Select a template then click OK
5. Locate the appeal and click the add or change button
6. Search for an appeal name by clicking Search (all results should populate)
7. Or select Category and notice only options for Blank and Other display



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