Here are the answers to the top questions users ask about logging into

I don't have a login; how do I get one?
Contact your organization's site administrator, who can invite you to create a account.

What email address should I use?
Use the email address you want us to use to communicate with you.  Most customers prefer to use their email address for their organization instead of their personal email address. 

What Sign in options should I use?
  • We recommend you use the "Sign in with Blackbaud" option. You can use this with any email type, including Google.   
  • If you use the "Sign in with g+ (Google account)" option, we recommend you:

Can I sign up with one email address and use a different email to receive Blackbaud communications?  
No, the email address you use when you sign up will receive all Blackbaud communications. 

What are the password requirements if I use the Sign in with Blackbaud option?
Your password must meet this criteria:
  • 8 characters or more
  • Must have at least (2) criteria:
    • Capital letter
    • Number
    • Special character (! @ # & , % & * _ )

For more information, refer to What are the password security and requirements for  

I didn't get the confirmation email to complete the set up of my account. 
The email we sent may have been blocked by your organization's email server. Please have your email services staff:
  • Ensure the email server, proxy server, and firewall are not blocking emails from:
  • Whitelist the IP ranges listed below on your email servers or network appliance:
    • ( -
    • ( -
    • ( -
    • ( -

For more information, refer to I didn't receive the email for  

Is my login the same as my Blackbaud software login or the Blackbaud Hosting Services login?
No, your login is different with the exception of NXT products. We are working to incorporate single sign on with our other products in future releases.   

I can't access secure resources on or I'm getting this error: It appears you have a valid Blackbaud account, but you are not currently associated with any organizations.
You'll receive this message if your account is not linked to your record in our system. To link your records, follow these steps:

  1. Clear your cookies
  2. Log into
  3. Hover over Support and Select Case Central. If you can access Case Central, your records are now linked correctly.

For more information, refer to Error: It appears you have a valid Blackbaud account, but you are not currently associated with any organizations.  

I have another question or comment about logging into
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