One option is to use  IE Tab.  IE Tab runs Internet Explorer Inside of Chrome.  Here are the directions to install IE Tab:

1.  Open the following Chrome Extension link:  IE Tab
2.  Click "+ Add to Chrome" icon.  Then go to step #3 below.
1.  Click "Try It Now" link
2.  Click "Add to Chrome" icon.
3.  Click "Add Extension" in the "Add IE Tab" dialog box.
4.  The "E" icon will now appear in the upper-right corner of Chrome (along with the other icons for your installed Chrome extensions).  Click it, download the installation file (ietabhelper.exe), then run it.  The IE Tab website will automatically open in Chrome.
5.  Right-Click on the "E" icon and choose "Options".  You will be taken to the "Options and Settings" page for IE Tab.
6.  Scroll down to "IE Compatibility Mode".  Select "IE 9 Standards Mode" or whatever is the lowest version required by your application.
 * Note: You must have the corresponding version of IE or greater installed.
7.  A dialog box will appear explaining that "Chrome must be re-started for this change to take effect!".  Click OK.  Restart Chrome.

To use IE Tab:
1.  Launch Chrome and open the webpage that you want rendered as IE.  Click the "E" icon.  The page will now be rendered in IE.
2.  If desired, save the URL to your favorites.  The URL will have "chrome-extension://" in its prefix, along with the webpage URL.  That tells the browser to use the IE Tab extension when launching that particular webpage.