In 14.3, the paid fund adjustment works differently than it has in the past.

If you currently have a fully ( or partially) paid grant from a single fund and you need to split the payment into the original fund and a new fund, the process is straightforward:

In Application history find the grant and click on the adjustments tab and select fund correction.
  • In the grid below you can see how to easily move the payment to a totally new fund by entering the new fund in the New Fund column.
  • To split the payment, leave the old fund in the New Fund column and enter the amount of the payment associated with the original  fund. 
  • Click the Save button above the grid and a new line will create with the unallocated amount.  Enter your new fund in the column and save and process.

If you want to split the paid grant from one fund into three funds, you would follow a similar process as above. Assume a $30 grant.
  • One the first line enter a new amount of $20. Save.
  • This creates a new second line for $10. Enter New Fund #2.
  • Go back to line 1 and change New Amount from $20 to $10. Save.
  • This creates another new line.  Change this fund to Fund #3. Save
  • You should now have 3 lines.  In the New Fund columns you have the three funds and the New amount columns all have the $10 new amounts.  Process.
The trick is to adjust the original line down by the amount of the new next fund, let the line create, modify it and save, then go back and repeat until finished.