1.) Go to The Education Edge > Export and create a New Student Export

2.) In filters, choose the filters for the appropriate students that need to be reported on

3.) On Output, put the biographical information needed for the student under Student

4.) For Grade information, go to Grades > Course ID and double-click. You will get the following pop-up
General Tab of Grades/Skills Output

5.) Choose however many classes you would like to report on in the number to export. For instance, if we want grades for each quarter, and student typically takes 7 courses in a quarter, you would type 7

6.) Navigate to the Filters tab and select the year to report on. If we need multiple marking columns in multiple years, select the first year needed and the first marking column needed.
Filters tab for Grade/Skills Output

7.) Click Ok and choose the other information desired under grades.

8.) If you would like to report on other marking columns, choose Class ID again. You will get the following pop-up.
Add Group Prompt in Output

9.) Click Yes. This will create another box as seen earlier. Again, choose the number to export and then go to filters. Choose the next marking column you would like to report on.
Filter for Grades/Skills Output

10.) You can do this as many times as needed. For instance, there can be a Grades/Skills section for Semester 1, Semester 2, and Final for 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015-2016. This export would include nine total grade/skills section. Alternatively, you can run the export once for each year. This one include three total grades/skills sections. When exporting for the next year, click on Grades/Skills > Criteria > Filters and change the academic year for each section.

11.) Once done selecting output information, choose Export Now