The likely cause for this is because the Manager Role does not have the Preview School Form Task enabled. To enable the Task navigate to:
  1. Core > Security > Roles > Search for the Role
  2. Click Into the respective manager role for your module
  3. Click Tasks
  4. Click CTRL + F or Command + F if on a Mac
  5. Search for Preview
  6. Click Edit next to the old "onProduct" School Form Preview (for example if you are enabling this for a Extracurricular Manager Role ie: Athletic Group Manager, it would say onCampus School Form Preview)
  7. Mark the box for Active
  8. Click Save & Exit
  9. Logout and log back in to see the updated Role changes
Below are the list of what Roles have access to School Forms in each Product, they are as follows:

Academics > Content > School Forms. Users with access to Academics School Forms will include all Academics Manager roles:
  • Comments Manager
  • Grading Manager
  • Schedule Manager
  • Online Signup Manager
  • Attendance Manager
  • Award Manager
  • Learning Profile Manager
  • Conduct Manager

School website > content > School Forms. Users with access to School website School Forms will include all School website manager roles:
  • Page Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Giving Manager
  • Registration Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Alumni group Manager
  • Pushpage Manager

Enrollment management > content > School Forms. Users with access to enrollment management School Forms will include all enrollment management manager roles:
  • Admissions Manager

Extracurricular > content > School Forms. Users with access to Extracurricular School Forms will include all Extracurricular manager roles:
  • Academic Group Manager
  • Community Group Manager
  • Athletic Group Manager
  • Dorm Group Manager
  • Activity Group Manager
  • Grade Book Manager
  • Advisory Group Manager