Why do constituents have TeamRaiser registration fees in their Transactions if we don't charge registration fees?

When I look at a constituent's Transactions, one or more of them is a TeamRaiser registration fee. Since we don't charge registration fees for TeamRaisers, where is this transaction coming from?
The registration fee is likely present if you have an additional gift option setup. Here's how to find if this option is setup:
  1. Navigate to Fundraising > select TeamRaiser
  2. Click Edit next to the TeamRaiser
  3. From the left panel, click Select Fundraising Options
  4. The checkbox under Additional Donation with Registration controls this behavior
This element allows TeamRaiser registrants to provide an additional gift at their discretion. If a constituent elects to provide an additional gift, the system will categorize it as a registration fee on the back-end. Bear in mind, this additional gift is completely optional and does not reflect a mandatory registration fee.



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