Accounts: An account is any record in your database. This can be a constituent, donor, volunteer, event attendee, organization, tribute recipient, fundraising team, or staff member in your organization.

Roles: The role describes the relationship of the person to the database; an account can have more than one role. For example, an employee of your organization who also donates would be a user of your database and also a constituent. For descriptions of each of the Role Types, please refer to What is the difference between roles.

Please note, when adding a new role to an existing account, we will add a new account to your database; the Persona, Name Format, and Salutation information is automatically transferred to the new account. Using the example above, if a User Account in your database would add a role of Constituent to their existing account, then they would have then two roles in the database. For information on adding a role, please see How to add a role to an existing account.

Personas: A Persona is used as an address type for a constituent. One account may have many Personas because you may have multiple addresses for an account. For example, you may have a business address and a home address for the account. We can store both addresses in the account using different Personas, but we will mark one Persona as the Primary Persona to indicate that this is the most common address that we use to contact this individual.

Name Format: The Name Format indicates how the Account Name and Salutations should be recorded. We have three different types of Name Formats- Individual, Family, and Business. For information about each of these Name Formats, please see What are the differences between Individual, Family, and Business Name Formats?. We can automatically generate Salutation Rules for each of these types of accounts; see Change the Salutations that are automatically generated when adding a new account.