Sphere Bookkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions with regards to Bookkeeping in Sphere.
Credit a donation:
      To a Participant (includes video demo)
      To a Team (includes video demo)

Edit a participants registration type ((includes video demo)

A supporter is seeing duplicate charges

Edit a Donation 

Edit a Sponsorship:
Credit Card Transaction failed 

A transaction failed but still shows on a supporter’s bank statement

Fraudulent transactions appear in Sphere 

Unable to find a transaction in Sphere 

Convert a donation to a sponsorship 

Move a sponsorship to a different event 
Batch Auto-charge
Convert a donation into a registration

Convert a sponsorship into a donation

Move a participant to a different event

Move a donation to a different event

Resend a donors receipt

Report on failed recurring transaction 

Update a recurring donor’s Credit Card information

Reverse a transaction (includes video demo)

Reverse part of a transaction

NOTE: For further information, click here for a more comprehensive Sphere Bookkeeping Guide.


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