I receive a system error when clicking the link to reset my reviewer portal password

When I/my reviewers click the link they receive after being unlocked by our Reviews Administrator to reset their password, we receive the following error: 


[System Error #2510691]
To resolve the issue encountered by reviewers when clicking the link they receive after they have been unlocked, please note the following:

1. Reviewers, only after they have been unlocked, may receive a link which looks like the following: https://[clientid].goreviewers.com/AngularUser/Unlock#/tl/0649ffaab3624f979a0bb99e86b94d80

2. You may edit this link from your address bar to fix the cause of the error. To fix this, remove the following section of the link: [ AngularUser/Unlock ]

3. You will then have an address which looks like this: https://[clientid].goreviewers.com/#/tl/0649ffaab3624f979a0bb99e86b94d80

4. Navigating to the above link will take you to a page to reset your reviewer password now. 

The process of sending out the incorrect link has been logged as a product defect to be resolved by our programmers in a future release of GIFTS Online, not yet scheduled.


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