Not all available volunteers are showing when scheduling for an event

We are unable to see all available volunteers in the Assign a Volunteer window when scheduling for an event.
The following items need to be checked: 
  1. Verify that the volunteers had the required trait.
  2. Confirm that the volunteer is available for that date and time.
  3. Confirm that the volunteer has the Volunteer constituency.
  4. A location will need to be added to the job occurrence in order for the volunteer to show when scheduling them for an event.
    1. Go to the Volunteers tab and click Job Search
    2. Search for and open the job record
    3. Select the Occurrences tab and find the job occurrence for which the volunteer needs to be scheduled 
    4. Click the drop-down arrows next to the occurrence and Edit
    5. Add a location to the job occurrence that your volunteer has on their availability and Save
  5. Try unchecking the "Only show volunteers available at this date and time" box


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Sales
  2. Go to Group Sales
  3. Select the Event on the Calendar
  4. Under Staffing, click the drop-down arrow next to the volunteer and click Assign
  5. See that the Potential Volunteers list is missing some available volunteers


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