When you see repeated transactions from the same constituent with the same check number, verify the transaction was entered by a TeamRaiser participant. It is highly likely a TeamRaiser participant manually entered the donation using their Participant Center. To confirm this, view transaction details within the Transactions tab of the participant's constituent record.

The check number field within the Participant Center is a free text field and will accept any number [or character] that is typed into it. It does not retroactively check for previously-used check numbers.

The best practice is for the TeamRaiser participant to treat each transaction uniquely and enter the corresponding check number for the donation. Do not repeat check numbers for the same donor. Also, it is best to only enter the actual check number in this field. For example, if the check number for a donation is 1234, only enter "1234" into the check number field. Entering phrases such as "Check No. 1234" or "#1234", etc. can lead to confusion and make it difficult to sort payments within Transactions.