Reprocessed transactions are not updating card info

You may have an auto processing transaction fail to process due to bad card info or expiration date. After being updated in the Original Recurring Gift Schedule or Pledge, and successfully reprocessed through the Auto Process Failures Standard Report, the new card information is not being updated in the Gift Type fields.
This issue was resolved in the 7.24.0 release. When a transaction is retried, the new card information will now populate correctly into the journal entry.

If you have any transactions that have been retried and approved but the credit card on the transaction appears to be the old one, please know that the card was actually processed with the correct card information (the one currently listed on the auto processing Recurring Gift Schedule or Pledge schedule at the time you retried the transaction). You should record that on the Notes section of the journal entry in case there is any discrepancy later on.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Sign in to eTapestry
  2. Navigate to Account with Bad Credit Card Info
  3. Click Journal
  4. Click Recurring Gift Journal Entry
  5. Click Schedule Information
  6. Choose Original Recurring Gift Schedule
  7. In the Gift Types tab, update Credit Card information
  8. Click Save And
  9. Click Reports
  10. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
  11. Choose Auto Process Failures
  12. Choose Query Category: Journal Entry Date
  13. Choose Query: This Month
  14. Find Failed transaction from Above Account
  15. Click Retry
  16. Navigate to Account
  17. Choose Journal
  18. Click Recurring Gift journal entry
  19. Click Gift Types
  20. See "Old" information / Authorization Code present



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