The query being used has a field with an "Ask" function. If we want to remove the Ask at Runtime Window, we can take the steps below:

Remove the Ask from the Query

  1. Open the query that is being used.
  2. Double click the field that has <Ask> in the field.
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  1. Choose any operator besides <Ask>.
  2. Enter the preferred Criteria > Click okay.
  3. Save the query.



Ask at Runtime Wizards appears when clicking Entering Grades and/or Course Request

Remove the Query from the Parameter

  1. Click the option where Ask at Runtime Wizard appears.
  2. Click Run Query.

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  1. In Enter For, choose the default Query* or  choose the preferred query.

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*Note: The default query allows users to search for all students; the default query is titled All Students. When we use a query, the criteria within the query determines what records appear. To ensure we are searching for all records, we would want to ensure Enter for is using "All Students."