1. In Extracurricular > Athletics > Athletic Setup > Sports & Teams, add the new Sport and Team.
  2. Once you have the team created navigate to the Offer Sport Level tab, Offer the new Sport
  3. Navigate to the Teams tab and create a Team
  4. Select Edit next to the team to add a Coach
  5. Enroll existing team members in bulk to the new team:
    • Extracurricular > Athletics > Athletic Setup > Enroll Group
    • Select group type of Athletics and term of the existing Sport
    • For Group, select the existing group
    • Select Search
    • Select Move All to add the entire roster
    • Select Next
    • Select the Athletic Season of the new Sport
    • Select Next
    • Mark the new team to add the roster to
    • Select Save & Exit
  6. Import content to the bulletin board
    • When adding new content, ensure the Content Editors are selecting all team pages (for each season) to share content.