1. Academics > Grades > Report Card Setup.
  2. Click Report card builder (old)
  3. Use the filter to locate the Middle School report card.
  4. Click View.
  5. Edit the report card.
  6. Click Access/Grades on the left.
  7. Click Edit Access/Grades on the right.
  8. Click Add Column next to the Upper School term you want to add the grade for.
  9. Enter a Label name for the grade.
  10. Choose Grade (or Comment if it's a comment).
  11. Save & Exit.
  12. In the new column, from the Grade to Display drop down, select the grade you wish to display.
  13. Enter an Access Date for each role that needs to view the grade.
  14. Click Save.
Tip: The grade column and grade will display only for those students who took the Upper School course.