Adding a line in a batch brings you back to the top of the screen.

When entering a new line in a batch that requires you to scroll down to the line in question, the batch reloads after selecting the line and brings up the top of the batch again.

Three options to handle this scenario are as follows: 

  • use the scrollbars to get to the desired row
  • if using the scroll and you are brought to the top, any key you hit will take you back to the active line (the new one)
  • try to type something when at the top -> the focus will take you back to the desired new line

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a batch.
2. Enter select records until you achieve a long enough batch that requires you scroll down on the page.
3. Select the top record.
4. Scroll down to a new line and select it.
5. The page will reload and bring you back to the top.



 Blackbaud CRM

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