Any new or existing constituents from Luminate Online (LO) will sync to the RELO plugin to ensure your two databases are equalized. Before you process constituent information in RELO, you can view any possible duplicate records and choose to merge that information as a single record, or save them as separate records. You can also manually link the constituent information from Luminate Online to an existing record in The Raiser's Edge (RE) to avoid potential duplicates. Users should ensure their default search criteria is correct (navigate to the Options button, Constituent Matching) by selecting the appropriate fields to match potential duplicate records syncing to RE.

When you merge constituents in RE that are linked to constituents in LO, the constituents are merged in LO as well. In RE you have the option to merge and delete the secondary record during a merge. When a linked record in RE is deleted this triggers the Luminate Record to be marked as 'removed'. As a best practice, when you have two records in RE, always merge into the RE record that contains LO information (such as a Luminate ID). The merge will take place in RE and any changes to the record will sync to LO, but it will not remove the record. If both records in RE contain LO info, then merge the older record in to the newer record. In this case, the newer record would be the surviving record.

When linking and merging records tied to event registrations, users may want to consider the order they merge. Many Raiser's Edge users employ the best practice of keeping the oldest RE record with the most history and interactions as the master record and merging the newer, duplicate record into the older record. Considering Luminate donors can create and log into their TeamRaiser participant centers with unique usernames, users working in RELO will want to consider merging the older record and retaining the newest Luminate duplicate to preserve the donors latest username to prevent issues with the donor logging into their participant page.