Any new or existing constituents from Luminate Online (LO) will sync to the RELO plugin to ensure your two databases are equalized. The RELO plugin has functionality for identifying duplicate records within Raiser's Edge (RE) and allows users to take action by merging those duplicates or saving as separate records. You can also manually link the constituent information from Luminate Online to an existing record in RE to avoid potential duplicates. Users should ensure their default search criteria is correct (navigate to the Options button, Constituent Matching) by selecting the appropriate fields to match potential duplicate records syncing to RE.

When you merge constituents in RE that are linked to constituents in LO, the constituents are also merged in LO. In RE you have the option to merge and delete the secondary record during a merge. Deleting the duplicate record is the preferred method to ensure you maintain a 1:1 record match in both databases. When a linked record in RE is deleted this triggers the Luminate Record to be marked as 'removed'. As a best practice, when you have two records in RE, always merge into the RE record that contains LO information (such as a Luminate ID). The merge will take place in RE and any changes to the record will sync to LO, but it will not remove the record. If both records in RE contain LO info, then merge the older record in to the newer record. In this case, the newer record would be the surviving record.

When a pair of records is identified within RE that need to be merged it is important to look at the linked LO records and determine if one of the LO records must be kept. Most often your constituents are only interacting with one of the duplicate records from Luminate. Users need to consider this when choosing what Raiser's Edge record to keep as the master record. If you merge the other way, the record that the constituent was interacting with will no longer exist. This can lead to loss of personal pages, lost data, and a changed username and password, for example.

Data to check to identify the record the constituent may be interacting with.
• Last Login date
• Last TR registration Date
• Last Gift Date
• Is there a password configured?
• Is the username a series of numbers (likely autogenerated) or something that looks human generated, e.g. an email address.

Additional considerations
  • With the RELO integration users can perform merges within the plugin, with the duplicate constituent management tool, or within RE records. If you choose to merge outside the plugin, ensure you have processed pending updates from the plugin to avoid broken links between the pending transaction(s) and merged records.
  • Test the RELO integration connection. Any errors should be resolved before performing merges.
  • Users may want to preserve a non-Admin record and an Admin record when cleaning up test record duplicates. Use the non-Admin record for donations and registrations, and use the Admin record for backend tasks.