The first thing you'll need to do is create a query to use with the top donor report. To find the top donors within a specific date range, you'll follow these steps to create a date range query:

1. Click Queries
2. Select a category that you want to store this query in (Ex: Base)
3. Click New Query under the Tasks menu
4. Name the query
5. For Starting Query select Category: Base and Query: All Constituents
6. For the Data Return Type select Journal Entries
7. For Criteria Matching select Match Each Criteria
8. For Criteria select 'individual Transaction received'
9. Enter greater than or equal to 1.00
10. For Criteria select Journal Entry Date and enter your date range
11. Save and Run Report

Now, you will run the query through our Top Donor standard report:

12. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
13. Click Top Donor Report
14. Select your query
15. Enter the number and select Donors or Percent
16. Click Submit

(Note: The Top Donor standard report can't be modified to add any additional fields, so if you need more information you can find further instructions here: How do I include address columns in the standard Top Donor Report?)