This error message means that the IATS Offline password is not correct in eTapestry. When you use IATS to process in eTapestry, you will use two account configurations: Online ends in 99 and Offline ends in 01. If the Offline password is changed but not updated in eTapestry then you cannot process any transactions inside of eTapestry until that is corrected.

The donor's first Gift was processed because the Online password is correct. However, auto processing transactions use the Offline account to process and therefore the auto processing Recurring Gift Schedule could not be saved. The resolution for this is two fold: You must update the Offline password in eTapestry and manually create a Recurring Gift Schedule for that donor in order to continue to auto process based on their requested frequency.

How to update the Offline password:
  1. Obtain the IATS Offline (01) Password. If you are not sure what this is, contact IATS to verify the passwords they have on file for your 99 and 01
  2. accounts. IATS can be reached at 1-888-955-5455 (press option 1 for support)
  3. Log into eTapestry
  4. Click Management > My Organization
  5. Click eCommerce link from under your organization's account header
  6. Click IATS from under Transaction Processors
  7. Fill in the correct Offline Password (for your 01 sub account)
  8. Click Save
How to create an auto-processing Recurring Gift Schedule:
  1. Contact the donor and obtain their full credit card number and expiration date. If they do not feel comfortable doing this over the phone, advise them to submit another recurring gift through your online page on the next date of their desired recurring gift (next month, for example), since their first gift has already processed
  2. Create a Recurring Gift Schedule, ensuring that the donor's desired frequency and start date are entered accordingly. Please see our help documentation on How to create a new Recurring Gift Schedule