Solicitor Performance Analysis Over(Under) numbers aren't calculating correctly

When working with the Solicitor Performance Analysis, the reports columns aren't adding up correctly, specifically the Over(Under) column does not total up as the other columns would suggest. 
This can occur if a solicitor has multiple goals (for multiple Campaigns, Funds, or Appeals), because the amount over or under for each separate goal is added together to reach a summarized Over(Under) amount. 

For example, Mary Young has the following goals:
  • $2,000 for the Annual Fund
  • $1,000 for the Capital Campaign
She has also solicited the following gifts:
  • $300 gift to the Capital Campaign
  • $2,000 gift to the Capital Campaign
  • No gifts to the Annual Fund
When I run the Solicitor Performance Analysis for Mary Young, she will be $1,300 over her goal for the Capital Campaign, and $2,000 under for the Annual Fund. In a summarized report, her Over (Under) will display as ($700). 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Open the Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to Reports > Analytical Reports > Solicitor Performance Analysis and create a new report
  3. Select to report out in Summary
  4. Add solicitors 
  5. Preview report 
  6. Over(Under) doesn't add previous columns correctly

Amount raised: $68,705.00
Goal: $166,000.00
Over(Under): ($65,615.00) when it should be ($97,295.00)

Solicitor Performance Analysis example

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