Using an Academic Section data import, you will need to have another data field in your file called "Exceptions" that contains the Meeting Times of those Course Sections.

  1. Prepare your Data Import file using the normal file layout and add an extra column called "Exceptions"
    1. Since this is not a column in the accepted file layout, the data import process will ignore it
  2. Use Add Job for Academic Sections
    1. If you have already created the sections, use Validate only (do not add a second job to Process File)
    2. If you have not yet created the sections, add one job to Validate and once it is approved create another job to Process; exceptions are only processed after sections have been created
  3. Create a valid schedule set for the sections in Schedule manager > Schedule Sets
  4. Once approved/processed, submit a ticket through the Support Portal  which includes the name of the job, the date and time that it was submitted
  5. Our Data department will now complete the update for schedule exceptions for you and notify you when it is completed

How to format date in the Exceptions column:
If the there are five days in your rotation, you will need to include the number of the meeting time for each day in the Exception field.  Each number is separated by commas.