How to create email alerts on Revenue Data List based on time of day.

Creating email alerts that alert at specific times of day to reflect an update in revenue work off of an adoc query selection. 
1. Create a Adhoc Query.
2. Set the Filters as
    a. Transition type is equal to Pledge
    b. And Amount is greater than or equal to $XX.XX
    c. And Date changed is equal to this month.
3. Set the Output fields as following.
    a. Date Changed.
    b. Revenue record.
    c. Constituent\lookup ID
    d. Constituent\Formatted name
    e. Amount
     f. Date
4. Create a selection off of this query.
5. Create data list from Ad-hoc Query
6. Select the following from the drop down menus.
     a. Data Changed as Hidden
     b. Revenue record as Hidden
     c. Constituent\lookup ID as Visible
     d. Constituent\Formatted name as Visible
     e. Amount as Visible
     f. Date as Visible
7. Select the check box on the ‘Alert options’ tab to Allow this data list to be used for feed alerts.


 Blackbaud CRM

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