Prerequisites before disabling a VBA macro. 
  1. You will need to unlock the VBA module that you purchased. If it's not unlocked, please follow the steps in the solution below. If you do not have the unlock code, please e-mail with your request for the VBA unlock code, your RE version number and serial number (Help > About).
    How to unlock optional modules or user licenses
  2. You will need to be able to login with the user account Supervisor
Steps to disable the VBA macro
  1. Login to the Blackbaud application.
  2. Click on Tools > Visual Basic for Application.
    Tools > Visual Basic For Applications
  3. From the VB Project window, select the desired module which contains the VBA code.
  4. Use the mouse (press and hold left-click button) to highlight all the code that you would like disabled.
  5. Click on the Comment Block icon on the toolbar
    Comment Block Icon
  6. Click on the Save icon (or Ctrl+S) to save the changes
  7. Click File > Close and Return