We will want to build a query to track these sales by the time the transaction occurred. We can then export the file to excel and remove the sales before or after your specified time frame.
  1. From Analysis, Select Information Library, Add an ad-hoc query
  2. Choose the source view of Sales Orders
  3. On the left expand Sales Order Item, expand Sales Order Item Ticket, Select Program
  4. In the middle select Program Record, move to Include records where and set equal to your General Admission Program
  5. On the left select Sales Order, In the middle select Order complete Date, Move to Include records where and set equal to the date you are looking to filter on
  6. In the middle select Order complete date, Move to Results fields to display. This field will display both the Date and the Time of completion in your query.
  7. Add any other criteria you would like to output to Results fields to display
  8. On the set sort and group options tab, Select Order complete date and move to sort records by
  9. Check to see that the times and dates are displayed properly by clicking the Preview Results tab.
  10. On the set save options tab, Name and Save your query
  11. Export the query to CSV and delete any of the ticket sales times that do not fall into the time frame you are looking for