Unable to edit the host on a preregistered program

When reviewing the registration list for your preregistered program, you may see that you are unable to edit the host of the registered constituent.
To change the registrant to be the same constituent as the host: 
  1. Click Tickets Program Search
  2. Search for and select the program that was purchased in the order.
  3. Click the Events List tab on the program
  4. Click on the event link that both constituents are registered for.
  5. Click the Registrants tab 
  6. Click on the green downward arrows next to the registrant > Click Edit.
  7. In the Registrant field, click the magnifying glass and search for the same constituent that purchased the order so that the host matches the registrant.
  8. Click Save.
Note: Once we change the registrant to be the same constituent as the host, there is not currently a way to add a different host. The steps above will only change the registrant and the host to match. 

If you would like to see the ability to change the Host constituent on a sales order added in a future release, please like this idea in our Community. .

Steps to Duplicate

View the Registrant and Host listed in the Event
  1. Go to Tickets > Program Search, Search the program
  2. On the event calendar select the event that you registered the constituents for, Navigate to the Registrations tab
  3. See that your constituent is registered and the host is the constituent who paid for the order

Change the Patron on the sales order
  1. Select the arrows to the left of the constituent name you registered > Select go to order
  2. On the left in the task bar > Select Change Patron on order
  3. Enter a new patron name > Save
  4. Select the hyperlinked name of the program on the order details tab > Navigate to the Registrants tab
  5. See that the host name did not update to reflect the new patron on the order


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