Blank dates when filtering list builder list

When applying column filters to a custom list builder list blank dates are included in the filtered results. This is not consistent with functionality in other areas of the application.
This can be addressed by using a Between filter instead of a Before filter.  Set the first range of the Between filter to a date far into the past and the Before date into the future, and the null values will not be pulled.  

Steps to Duplicate

Create a custom list:
    Name="Listbuilder Test"
    Description="Listbuilder test"
    Author="Developer Solutions Support"

  <!-- define the view used to return data for the query -->
    <ViewImplementation ViewName="USR_V_QUERY_LISTBUILDERTEST">
            R.DATE as 'REVENUEDATE',
        From Revenue R
        Left Join Constituent C
            On R.CONSTITUENTID = C.ID  ]]>

  <!-- describe each field in the view output -->
      <OutputField Caption="System record ID" Category="System Fields" Name="ID" />
      <OutputField Name="KEYNAME" Caption="Last Name" DataType="String" />
      <OutputField Name="FIRSTNAME" Caption="First Name" DataType="String" />
      <OutputField Name="ISINACTIVE" Caption="Inactive?" DataType="Boolean" />
      <OutputField Name="CUSTOMIDENTIFIER" Caption="Custom Identifier" DataType="String" />
      <OutputField Name="DATEADDED" Caption="Date Added" DataType="Date" />
      <OutputField Name="GENDER" Caption="GENDER" DataType="String" />
      <OutputField Name="REVENUEDATE" Caption="Revenue Date" DataType="Date" />
      <OutputField Name="REVENUEPOSTDATE" Caption="Revenue Post Date" DataType="Date" />
      <OutputField Name="AMOUNT" Caption="Full Name" DataType="Money" />
      <IdentifyingField Name="NAME"/>

            PathAlias="Food Bank" />

      <Column Name="ID" IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="KEYNAME"  IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="FIRSTNAME" IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="ISINACTIVE" IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="CUSTOMIDENTIFIER" IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="DATEADDED" IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="GENDER" IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="REVENUEDATE" IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="REVENUEPOSTDATE" IsDefaultColumn="true" />
      <Column Name="AMOUNT" IsDefaultColumn="true" />    

Filter on RevenuePostDate < Today.
Blank dates will be included.

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