Cannot see actions in work center

A solicitor cannot see actions that are assigned to them in the Raiser's Edge database view in RE NXT on their work center.
Ensure the constituent record is paired with the user record for the solicitor in The Raiser's Edge. To check this, follow these steps

1. Navigate to Admin > Security
2. Open the user's profile
3. Add a constituent record to the user's record by selecting the binoculars icon on the right-hand side and finding the constituent record
User profile example
4. Save and Close
5. Log back into RE NXT
6. Work Center should populate 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into RE NXT
  2. Work Center is blank and there are no Actions or Constituents assigned to the solicitor who has logged in 
  3. Open the Database view of the Raiser's Edge
  4. Open up the solicitor's constituent record and there will be assignments listed 

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