CRM communications page not being updated with sent BBIS message activity

In a particular database, some records of sent messages are not updating from BBIS message report to CRM record

This occurs when the Blackbaud CRM Integration service responsible for migrating data from BBIS to the CRM constituent records is not up-to-date.  As of Service Pack 9, you can see exactly how many records are pending in BBIS > Administration > Sites & Settings > Schedule.  You can also manually adjust the number of records/run and the schedule interval in the BBIS Administration UI.  

When the value shows a backlog to process, you can catch up on the backlog by adjusting the number of records per run and scheduled interval of the business process.  Some guidelines for this process:

  • Schedule the process for times when you aren’t processing email jobs (e.g., overnight). This process touches a lot of common tables as email send, and running for a large number of records during a time when you are sending emails could interrupt email send processing.
  • Before making changes, check the duration of the CMS Data Integration business process in CRM to get a feel for the duration of each run at x records/run.  Increase the number of records/run, gauge the new duration, and then work on an updated interval.  
  • A good strategy is to make this change at the end of the day to run at a higher record count in a shorter interval frequency allowing it to run over night at a time when email jobs may not be processing.  You can then dial it back the next morning when email processing may be more likely. 


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